Yes – Even You Can Make Money with Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook has just exploded in the past several years, and given the financial strength of the company their ad platform will only become stronger. However, many advertisers are still striving to make the Facebook ads work for them, and that’s only because they’re focusing their efforts on getting the basic foundation right. There is no excuse for taking the lazy approach to any ad campaign; and as always there are never any guarantees of success with business. This is not like going to the moon, and while not difficult it takes the right kind of effort and persistence.

When you perform this kind of advertising you have to take advantage of all the available options such as running ad tests, etc. If you are not aware of the virtues of testing, then the huge benefit is you become more profitable. If you’ve dabbled with Google AdWords or any other pay per click advertising program, you will know the importance of split testing your ads. We think split testing is fun to do because it means we are making our ads more powerful and profitable. With advertising, there are just too many variables and ideas to test out to ever be content without testing.

A neat idea is to drive your Facebook ad traffic to the ‘reveal’ tab on your Facebook page. This happens to be one of the most effective ways to convert your visitors into fans, since you’ll be hiding some valuable content which is revealed only when the fan hits the like button.

So when you get them to your reveal tab, you’ll see that they are actually in a highly receptive mode. Remember that your page is under your control, so you have to make it all look good and professional. Once they become a fan on your page, you can then send out different offers to them on a regular basis.

Just like so many other advertising sites, your ads have to be placed in a queue and be reviewed by a real person before it is approved to go live. You will need to just chill out and be patient during this period. But, this is nothing to be concerned about since your ad should be live in about sixty minutes or maybe less. Since this is a live human process, then just be patient if there is any kind of hold-up or mistake.

Facebook advertising offers tremendous ability to place highly targeted ads, and that is just one reason you should check it out. You will have powerful tools at your disposal, and they will give you a better chance of success if you do everything right. Remember that any type of ad campaign requires you to test and optimize as you proceed. Do not be afraid to lose a little bit of money; just manage your daily ad spending and keep going forward.

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