Writing Software: Friend or Foe

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There are a variety of online and software programs that provide writers with assistance in developing stories, poetry and even screenplays.

As with writing these programs were developed by someone well versed in the art of writing in a certain style and the software allows you to write in a similar fashion.

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Power Structure

According to product information, “Power Structure is outlining software with a story development heart. If you are a writer who’s learned your craft you want software that will learn YOUR system, YOUR terminology, YOUR dramatic sense. Power Structure’s fully customizable interface is designed to create the writing environment that totally works for you.”

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This product for fiction writers is sold for $150 retail, but may provide a solid base for conforming to your personal style as opposed to insisting you develop a new style.

First Aid for Writers

Would it be worth it to you to have a program that helped get you off of dead center in your writing journey? First Aid for Writers touts these benefits?

Eliminates writer’s block, backstory techniques, revision, and pitch techniques

QuickFix for beginnings, indoor/outdoor description, characterization, pacing, concealing exposition, employing other senses, ‘give-away’ prevention.

Non-fiction: Beginnings, conflict and drama, suspense, originality, dialogue dangers.

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This literary aid retails for $300 and works more as an interactive assistant enabling you to get moving in your writing career.

Movie Outline

If you are involved in writing screenplays one of the products available to assist you is Movie Outline. Product information indicates, “By streamlining the creation process of each scene and the outline structure as a whole, Movie Outline gives the Screenwriter the space to think and view the full outline of their story while simultaneously working on individual scenes.”

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The retail price on this product is $80 and may be very useful to those beginning a screenwriting career.

WriteExpress Rhymer

While there are numerous free rhyming dictionaries online, WriteExpress Rhymer and Phonetic Finder indicates it can, “Find the rhymes you need to complete your masterpiece. With over 93,000 words, Rhymer takes the storm out of brainstorming so you can spend your time creating.”

The retail price on this product is $25 although there are sites where certain versions of the product are freely downloadable.

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Friend or Foe

These and countless other software products are geared toward assisting writers to become better at what they do. For some writers, the use of these products seems to take creative energy away from the project. However, it may be that any software product that can assist you while you learn a new writing process could be a valid consideration.

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The real lesson in all of this is we should never stop learning and never stop growing as writers. You can consider software a friend or foe, but in the end it is you that will ultimately be responsible to actually write.

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