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Writers just know they want to write – it’s a feeling we’re born with – I think. Nothing else seems natural for some of us, so the decision to pursue a career as a professional writer is easy.

However, it can be more difficult for writers to determine exactly what type of writing we want to do for a living.

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Some factors for you to consider include:

1) Potential financial rewards

2) Prospective job openings

3) Personal preferences

4) Individual skills

I believe you should think about a few things before choosing your career.

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Research industry statistics (for information like salaries, job openings etc.)
Assess your abilities and interests accurately.
Examine the qualifications necessary for each writing job.
Consider your monetary goals and the salaries of different careers.

Below are some possible employers seeking to hire writers for a variety of positions.

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Advertising or Copy Writers – Ad agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, radio, tv companies

Assistant Editor, Columnist, Copy Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Assistant, Journalist, Managing Editor – Newspapers, Magazines, other Print or Online Publications

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Author, Acquisitions Editor, Ghost Writer, Literary Agent, Agent’s Assistant, Manuscript Evaluator, Manuscript Reader, Scriptwriter, Translator – Book Publishers, Publishing Companies, Literary Agencies, TV & Film Producers, English Teacher, Writing/Reading Tutor, Writing Instructor, Writing Professor- Public Schools, Private Institutions, Colleges, Universities Lecturer, Monologist, Storyteller, Writing Consultant- Schools, Private Businesses

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Public Relations Writer, Publicity Writers – Public Relations Agencies, Colleges/Universities, Corporations, Private Businesses, Non-profit Organizations

Press Agent, Speechwriter – Government Institutions, Public Officials, Celebrities

Technical Editor, Technical Writer – Private Businesses, Corporations, Retail Companies

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