Writer’s Dream Kit 4.0

Writer’s Dream Kit 4.0

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  • new language features like Term Swaps and impulsive reactions, and many more
  • Create your own scenes and illustrate your story with character arc points, themes, conflicts, tensions and plot points

    Incoming outages of more than 60 films, novels, plays and short stories provide guidance and inspiration

    going GM way writers step-by-step through the writing process, from initial idea to finish treatment

    improve New structure templates the writing experience with practical suggestions

    As the beginner version of Pro Dramatica is the writer-DreamKit a complete step-by-step fiction writing system designed for the aspiring writer. If you thrive on the angst-ridden masochism of neverending writer’s block, then do not read further. However, if you are looking for reasonable solutions for the History of the development dilemmas, then your search is over – the writer-DreamKit is the tool for you. As your partner in creative writing, you go to a special place-a story development environment w


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    Creative Writer

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  • thousands of ways to enable children to creative writing!
  • Now on CD-ROM! Exploding with hundreds of cool new sounds, clip art & ideas!

    Creative Writing is a complete program that gives children the tools and ideas in writing, to explore their creativity and make great looking projects.

    Price: $ 17.99

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