WordPress Plugins Internet Marketers Need to Know About

Using the WordPress platform offers the ideal way to build up any Internet Marketing business effectively. The WordPress platform is remarkably simple to use. It’s so easy to customize.

What’s more, WordPress doesn’t cost a cent. Beyond that, there is a vast and varied library of plugins to choose from that will help make your site more functional without your having to spend lots of time messing around with your code (or hiring someone to do it for you). Of course, there is the issue of working out precisely which plugins will help you achieve the results you want. That’s why we picked a few that we like best to highlight in this article.

Some people like to load Contact Form 7 on to their WordPress blog. If you have ever wanted to build a list for your Internet Marketing business, this plug-in gives you a contact form to start the process. It is not enough to publish your information in order to succeed online. When you publish your content, one thing that may happen is that spam crawlers may be able to access your information and send you ridiculous amounts of spam. You need to use a comment form to prevent this type of spam. Comment Form 7 is one of the best and easiest ways to create and publish your form. Instead of coding anything, this does it for you making it super simple.

Installing the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin is essential for any Internet Marketing blog or website. It has been said that this particular WordPress plug-in is the best of the best, outshining them all. Basically, it checks to prove that anyone leaving a comment is human. They have to use the small box that pops up. The code for the box is left out of what the spambots can see, so the comments those bots submit will automatically be rejected and you won’t have to worry about having to sift through a bunch of spam to get to the good stuff. The real commenters will have an easier time with this “one click” process which is light years better than captcha.

Sometimes what you want to post will not fit into the body of your content. This happens a lot with Internet Marketing. People that use the Hello Bar WordPress plugin seem to bypass this problem. This makes it possible to add a simple and single line of text to the top of your website’s home page to communicate with your site visitors. From contests, to fire sales, this plugin can announce whatever you want it to.

People that are not writing a blog to make money will probably not use this plug-in. It is primarily designed for those trying to make money on the web.

It’s easy to find hundreds of different WordPress plugins available. Figuring out which ones best fit your needs and goals can be difficult.

This is the reason for highlighting a few plugins that might be beneficial for your business. Hopefully you find them as helpful in your own business as we do in ours.

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