Why Is A Writing Journal Necessary?

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Who cares whether or not you are a writer? Yes, there are gazillions of writers out there and practically all of them are aspiring to make it big in the writing industry. You can’t simply tag yourself as a writer if you don’t act like one. For starters, have you tried using a writing journal? Simply put, it’s a diary. It holds you accountable for documenting your writing activities on a day to day basis.

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I began using a writing journal to discipline myself for the sake of consistency and to produce some form of writing on a daily basis. It’s very easy to get complacent when trying to either find the “time” to write or just to simply sit down and write. As I looked at bylines that listed the number of articles, poems, books, etc., that many authors wrote, I first concluded that they apparently had a very close connection to someone in the writing industry. That thought was probable, but on the other hand I realized that these writers and authors quite possibly were dedicated, persistent and consistent, which were some missing elements from my daily writing routine. The only person who could change that, was not my mentor or a friend, but me.

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Creating a writing journal is not difficult. Here are some primary reasons why you should have one, especially if you are a novice writer:




You don’t need a writing journal that’s too complicated or expensive. Keep it simple. As a matter of fact, get a blank monthly calendar that you can write on each day. This is an inexpensive way to keep a diary for any form of writing that you do, or to make notations regarding submissions that you send out. Jot down a brief description on your calendar of daily writing activities (ie. emailed article to Pop’s Literary Magazine or wrote 300 words for my novel).

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Post your writing journal in a visible location where you can “see” your daily progress and honestly evaluate whether or not you are making a concentrated effort to improve your craft. When I began my writing journal, I was gun-ho and inspired. I reviewed my calendar at the end of each month to evaluate my productivity. Where I saw blank days, I had to ask myself why didn’t I write something? What happened on that day that kept me from writing? The blank squares on my monthly calendar began to bother me and each month I would vow to eliminate so many blank days of not writing “anything” towards achieving my long term publishing goals. Although the blanks disappointed me, it rejuvenated me at the same time.

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I realized that the big difference between writers with many published credits and me, was their tenacity to do something I didn’t do. They remained dedicated to perfecting their craft. We must be mindful that eventhough many of us have full time jobs, we should not allow laxness to infiltrate our writing endeavors. So if you think that a writing journal is a waste of time, unless you are disciplined, dedicated and can retire from your writing income, think again. A successful writer, as with any profession, cannot afford to baby-sit excuses. If you need a helpmate to make you stay focused, then try using a daily writing journal with a good positive attitude. This can keep you focused and prevent you from assassinating your writing career before it gets started.

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Kym Gordon Moore has over twenty six years of writing experience throughout her corporate career, in various industries from fashion and special event coordination to marketing, public relations and sales. Many of her articles, essays, short stories and poems appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, ezines and anthologies. http://www.kymgmoore.com

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