Why A Reader Friendly Blog is A Must and How to Achieve it

If you can just create a reader friendly blog, then that one thing is most of the battle and the rest is fairly easy. How well your site contributes to the overall experience people have is essential. And as we all know, having repeat visitors to a blog is really important. Most of the time one or more of these issues have proven to be beyond the means of most blog webmasters. We cannot go over all you have to know, but we can give you a good head start.

Anything that takes away from the blog content experience is to be avoided. Start off the with the design and then move to the content. So your blog must pass the first muster; meaning, people cannot be turned-off by the design, look and feel. So the more effort you put into this one factor, the better results you will get. Also, do not forget that very simple plans and designs can and often do work extremely well.

Go and read some sales letters so you will see how sub-headlines are used, and then you can emulate that approach. You should also make sure you’re using short lines and smaller paragraphs. When you make the text into smaller lots of writing, then that creates white space, and that is effective with helping the reader stay interested. Following those guidelines will let people skim and scan, and that is something they really prefer to do. Work on making your blog posts easy to read and skim plus being interesting.

Once in a while, choose some good pictures that will add to the information in your content. Just about any blog post on any subject can stand to have supporting graphic of some kind. You will not have to spend a lot of time finding something that will be a good fit for your content, so that should not be a concern. Images that belong there will only add lots of things to your posts, and the opposite will happen if you use the wrong things. Just see to it that you are using only those pictures that you have the right to use. What you want to do is search for pictures that do not have copyrights attached to them. The fabled reader friendly blog is written about a lot, but more people miss the mark than hit it. One of the best sources of good marketing and blogging information exists in marketing forums. So start putting the above tips into action right away. Soon you can be owning your reader friendly blog that knocks them dead.

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