What You Must Do for A Panda Friendly Website

Your business’ site or blog must align with Panda requirements, if you want your company to succeed. It’s the only option if you want to implement search marketing with Google. However, they are also attempting to be helpful. Don’t forget, though, that their main goal is to improve their presence in the social media market, which is the reason they are doing it. Many things have been overlooked by Google in past years, and now they have decided to pay attention and take action.

Obviously, when you want to make your site Panda friendly, you need to think about SEO. Yes, we know how both you and Google feel about this. But even they understand that people are going to keep trying to optimize their websites. There are too many details to explain them all in one article but there is one thing that you absolutely have to know about this. The most powerful and effective effort you make is going to be through your content. One thing you can achieve with excellent content is reducing your bounce rate. When your content is great, other sites will want to link to you. Furthermore, your great content will compel visitors to share on social media.

There are so many areas that are being affected by Panda, and one of the huge areas is backlinks. The number of backlinks you have pointing to your site is intended to show Google that others like your content. But that is how it has always been, only now Google is really putting the squeeze on. The quality of those back links is now much more important.

They will look to see if any links to your site come from authority sites or link wheels, or from sites containing relevant content to your own, or sites with good PR. Keep in mind that Google will also check to see if your rate of link growth seems organic. Other sites will be more likely to link back to you if you offer great quality content that appeals to plenty of people. Focus on adding plenty of great quality content and you should automatically find other people start linking to you.

You might already be aware how important back linking is, but Panda now deems it a critical element. If possible, the backlinks you build should come from a diverse selection of sources. Google wants natural and organic backlinking which means you have to get them from as many sources as possible. If possible, try to use some social media in your attempts too. Don’t overdo one particular tactic, but spread out your efforts. After you’ve done all this, look for ways to get links from sites with good PR and some authority sites. And be sure to include a few back links from sites with a zero PR, as these help Google recognize your efforts as being more natural.

Tweaking and altering your site to be more Panda friendly should hopefully not require a complete site rebuild. If you need huge alterations, your site was on the edge anyway. If you are serious about ranking and making money then you’ll simply comply and move on.

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