Warming Up with Writing Exercises

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To construct a house of ideas, writers must first create those ideas and make sure those ideas stick together. To streamline ideas and play around with organization and grouping, the writer must first build up a superfluous amount of extra ideas to work with. The process of Free Writing is a powerful tool for writers. The writer is instructed to write non-stop for a set time. During this exercise a person is allowed to write about anything, just as long as the pen does not stop moving during the allotted time. Just keep writing, even when you feel that there is nothing left to write.

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The process of Free Writing serves as the basis of idea production. No idea should be omitted until all of it has been exhausted by the mind. After the period of free write is over, the writer is then left with a plethora of arguments, thoughts, and scribbling to work with. The products of Free Write should then be separated and thoroughly combed over, segregating and organizing everything into usable pieces of writing. After everything has been completed a writer should be left with neat components that are ready to be made into an essay.

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When you write a persuasive paper, the objective of the paper was to pick an impossible topic and then argue it as best as we could. A great topic to argue was that German World War II doctors were not monsters who ran tests on their captives. Instead they were pioneers of their time whose research were at the forefront of the medical world for the next thirty years. Needless to say an argument such as this often afflicts massive amounts of writer’s block. In retrospect, this was a form of free writing and with the literary world; it usually takes writing to a new tangent and explore a different idea.

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