Using your Blog to Find Affiliate Success

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money on the Internet. And that’s the end. And when you combine blogging with affiliate marketing, and do it the right way, there’s no stopping to it. How can you correctly earn a living by integrating affiliate marketing into your blog? Let’s read on to learn more…

Contextual Links are Important: It can be hard to pick just one way to promote affiliate products on your blog but the best and most successful way is to include contextual links with your posts. This isn’t hard; simply embed the link into any post that reviews the product or talks about something that is related to it. Make sure that you don’t hide your links below the fold or you won’t get a very good response from you post readers. Contextual links work better than straightforward links because they don’t act as blatant promotions and allow you to disguise your intent to your readers and do subtle promotions. Your blog’s readers are going to feel far more comfortable responding to a link they find in context than they do to one that is shoved right at them. People have a natural urge to resist buying something, usually, and they need to be courted for a short period – usually. The content on your blog is there to support your selling process and build relationships. Always compose your content from the standpoint that you are just talking to someone and not trying to outright sell anything. If you want to write a review, that is great, but we recommend you get the product and use it or read it, first. If you own the product, then it is easy to tell that from those who do not. When you do that, then we have no doubts that your conversions will be higher.

Promote Bonuses: Even though there are all sorts of different techniques used by Internet Marketers for affiliate marketing not all of them are wildly successful. Offering a bonus helps to elevate the value of what you are trying to sell for affiliate revenue through your blog. Your conversion rate will be quite a lot better if you offer strong bonus materials that can raise the value of your affiliate product. You don’t really have to go out of your way to create this bonus, but having something that’s complimentary and at the same time gives your reader a bigger bang for their buck will work. Keep in mind that you need not add a bonus just because doing so is trendy; the bonus needs to help set your offer apart and beyond everyone else’s.

Applying affiliate marketing to your blog isn’t rocket science; if you choose the right products and do enough promotion, you will see sales and profits coming your way.

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