Unique Methods for Powering-Up Your Blog Content

As an online marketer using the ever-popular blog platform, you are challenged with finding ways to keep people on your blog. You want your blog to be as sticky as it can be so that a one time visitor becomes a regular and repeat visitor. Accomplishing this goal is the best path to success and a larger profit margin. Unfortunately, most bloggers–whether or not they are trying to be in business for themselves, are usually spectacular failures in this area. There are a lot of different reasons for this particular outcome but you still have to be persistent when you want to crack this code.

Here is a hint for bloggers who are incredibly serious about building a legitimate business for themselves. The main idea is to write a series of posts and articles that will basically build up, one upon the other. You probably shouldn’t publish them simultaneously, though if you really want to do that, you can. You should also put a link that tells the reader that what they are reading is going to carry over into another page or post. When you do this, you will increase the amount of involvement people have with your blog and give your readers a good reason to keep coming back.

Security is a much bigger issue than it has ever been for blogs and websites; the net is full of talented hackers. And the fact is that if one of those professional hackers wants into your site you might not be able to keep him or her out. There are, though, a few pretty simple changes that you can make to keep most hacking attempts just that: attempts. One of the first things that you need to do is edit your MyPHPAdmin data tables for the login user name and password required to make the basic changes on your blog.

Typically the default user name is Admin and you need to change that but you should make sure you know about character number limitations. Make sure that you use a combination of capitalized letters, symbols and numbers for all of your login names and passwords.

In reference to linking, give your readers a few authority links as well. You will get more SEO points with Google by providing these outside links. Do your research and only link to other sites that have authority in your niche. We do not think that you should have tons of these types of links. But you can add three or four, and then perhaps add more in the future.

Blogs are so popular because you can do so much more with them, and they tend to be easier to work with than traditional static HTML sites. Most of the people out there don’t want to be bogged down with a theme but there are others who love doing the things that have been talked about in this article. You can do so much more and get so much more from your theme when you’re willing to make a real effort to work with it and learn about what it can do for you.

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