Twitter Tactics For Your Business

If you have been struggling with your web business, then perhaps it’s time for a change of perspective. If you look at Eben Pagan who has done so well in the dating/meeting women niche, he is really a good example in a lot of ways. All he did to add tremendous power to his marketing was have a seminar in his local area, and then he marketed those videos. He really impressed his niche audience with the recordings of that seminar; a very simple approach. Once done, his status as an expert in that niche solidified and he hit pay dirt. Pagan has always maintained that doing that seminar was one of the smartest things he could have ever done.

You have to understand the kinds of stories the media likes to present to the public. Human interest stories are always popular, as are ideas about solving common problems. Come up with an angle that shows how your business is useful to local people in your area. Be sure you issue press releases stating your business sponsored the charitable works. Then you can make the press aware of it as well as local radio stations and ask them to give your event some publicity. You gain a whole new level of credibility when your business is discussed in the media. Any time you can claim that you have been interviewed by the media it will boost your standing with your market. Allowing a local radio station to feature you with an interview is likely the simplest strategy. You need to give them something that makes taking your interview valuable to them. Even if they play it at 6 AM on Sunday morning, that is fine and does not matter at all. Outside of peak hours, which is usually on weekends, radios need a way to fill up their air-time. The type of business you have is what will determine your approach, but there are many solutions when it comes to finding a good sponsorship that doesn’t cost too much. You could also put together an event your business sponsors.

Since we have talked so much about social media regarding sites like Facebook and also Twitter, you can continue and build on that. What should be encouraging is for you to realize that your market is everywhere – not just at those two places. So let’s take a moment and focus on that for some important reasons. If you have never done anything at forums for your niche, then you are missing a slice of the pie. When you speak and read about highly qualified traffic that is well targeted, then the niche forum is the place for that. What will be interesting is integrating your social marketing with your forum marketing. Position yourself with the end game in mind, and that is to move them into your marketing funnel.

There is probably some unknown but high percentage of people in online marketing who all do the same thing. When you look at all those people doing business online, many of them have all learned the same things from the same sources. You can still go back to them, but not everyone will follow you to places they have not gone, before. You have to be willing to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, too.

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