The Secrets to an Effective Brand for Your Twitter Profile

The devil is in the details and the same applies to branding your Twitter profile – you need to get all the details right. In order to present yourself professionally in front of your visitors and get more followers, you will have to focus on branding your profile page to set a positive impression on your target audience. Here is some great advice on building an effective Twitter brand.

A Photo is Essential: When branding yourself on Twitter, you have to put a face to your tweets or you’ll never build a large following. That’s why you must include a picture in your profile, and try to look happy in it. A logo of your company is as bad as no picture at all, so don’t even consider using that instead of a photo of you. You need a real picture of yourself, where you appear friendly as well as full of confidence. If other members of your team or business use Twitter, the best approach would be to use one background for everybody’s photos. Your picture is just one factor that helps you create your brand more effectively on Twitter.

Colors, colors and colors: What good is profile that has inconsistent colors on it making it look all unprofessional? You have to be careful when choosing the color of your text and background. You need to focus on color coordination so that they match with the rest of the items on your profile. Let’s say your favorite color combination is red and blue and you will be using this color scheme on your profile page, then you want all the other elements of your profile to include these colors.

Also, make sure you use the right color for your links, one that people don’t have a hard time reading. It’s a fact that people usually want to know what link they are clicking and where it’s leading to before you actually do it. Even if they appear unimportant issues at the moment, these things can significantly affect your brand on Twitter in the long term.

Post Updates for All: Tweeting in private is alright as long as it’s your personal Twitter page that you use with your close friends. When you are attempting to establish your brand on Twitter, as a company or person, you need to make sure that everyone can see your tweets and updates. The reason for this is, your Twitter profile is not just limited to marketing, but it’s also a networking tool which you’ll be using over a period of time to build contacts. Other people are watching you and you will be taken more seriously when you make sure to update your profile regularly.

The only way to establish an effective long-term brand is to make it as easy as possible for people to have faith in you.

You can build a strong Twitter brand with all the ideas in this article which form a powerful foundation for you.

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