The Right Way to Generate Traffic from Digg

Even though Digg is probably about six years old, maybe seven, there are millions of visitors and devoted members of the community. It has been around for a long time now, and there’s no doubt that it can bring you hoards of targeted traffic if used right.

But on the other hand, there is no reason to think that there are no IM people to be found there. Not because it’s difficult or not possible, but because you need to keep a few factors in mind in order to hit the front page. There is such a thing as Digg marketing, and this article will shed light on it.

Post interesting content that your target audience would love because Digg is a community that loves to vote up what’s quality. This is a popularity contest in many ways, but the core users are basically sincere with their votes. In a very real sense you have to prove your worthiness to them before you will ever be rewarded. Digg is made up of a strong, well connected community who are well knitted, so aim at becoming a part of the tribe. You just have to pay your dues and that cannot be negotiated unless you are a fabulous writer with great content.

Pay very close attention to crafting your headlines as they will determine response to a great extent. The only way people will know what you are offering in terms of content is if they read your headline and click. This should be readily apparent, and your headlines have to get the job done. So practice your headline writing skills, and get to work writing down as many headline ideas as possible. But as you gain experience with Digg, things will get a lot more easier, and you’ll actually be able to get the pulse of the audience and write better headlines.

If you are serious about the effort, then you will be willing to improve your writing and copy. There are certainly rules of engagement for any social site, and they are all different except for the point about providing solid value. An easy way to get a very good feel for what works, in terms of front page Diggs, is to just lie low and lurk while you study what is happening. Think about experimenting with topics and also with your headline writing because you can vary things. It is perhaps a good idea to avoid being just like everybody else and the things they tend to Digg a lot.

Of course it takes time to make friends at Digg and establish yourself as reliable and not a spammer. This is why Digg can be so powerful, and do not forget that you can even find JVs there, too. If you want to establish a long term business, then this is how you can really cement your standing in your niche. So go ahead and put these tips into action right away.

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