The New Online Marketing 2.0

Online Marketing 2. : The new Way of Marketing Online.

Now  with Blogs , facebook, Twitter and BookMarketing  the clear way of  marketing have change a lot, for me article marketing  is not working the ways  it used to, and PPC  with the Google  Slap  isn’t the best way for  internet marketer.

Now  we can ppc  on facebook and  also make our own Fan page to drive traffic  from it. Also  we have twitter and  is a wonderful tool for  building list and  driving free traffic from your followers.

I have to Mention that the clear way of using  all this  socialmedia  is not like  article marketing or the other old ways. We cannot start sending affiliate links  like  crazy humans to our friends or  followers , the easiest way of  doing this really is first start a  topic  and  ask for  opinions  and stuff like that as well as your work is to make them aware you’re the expert from that niche and you can help them, after  you think you have helped  them for free is time to offer them a product for  solving their relevant problem.

Yeah it takes time  but a person spending money on that , on facebook you should utilize the paid traffic   and the very best of it is that you can make money without a landing page , just with your affiliate link.

Learn Internet Marketing 2. techniques is essential if you eagerly want to make money from this market. There are plenty of  Internet Marketing Program out there that can teach you how to achieve that.

How I said  article marketing and google adwords is not the same as always so we must change the way of marketing .

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