StoryWeaver Writing Software – Write Your Novel Step By Step

StoryWeaver Writing Software – Write Your Novel Step By Step

  • The StoryWeaver step by step approach takes you from concept to completion of your novel
  • Create compelling characters, a riveting plot and a passionate theme – all step by step
  • More than 200 interactive Story CardsTM show you exactly what to do now and what to do next
  • Create chapters and scenes, then click and drag to rearrange your timeline
  • Exclusive web content and streaming videos help you add power and richness to your story

StoryWeaver guides you step by step through the entire story development process. You will have the beginnings of your story from the very first step. As you answer each new question, you build upon the work you have already done, adding layers, nuance, and richness to your ideas. All the way, Story Weaver is supplying the structure you need in the background – without ever forcing you to step out of your creative frame of mind to address it directly. By the time you have completed the entire st

Price: $ 29.95

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