Speech Writing Tip Top 10

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Speech writing tip Top 10 for developing and outlining speech topics and other speech writing tips and tricks. Use it before and after you have written your speech. Before, to work out your speech ideas.
And after, when you finished a first outline to assure you don’t forget important things.

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1. What is your goal? What response do you want the audience to think, feel, change or act? What do you want them to learn? It takes time, but setting a clear goal is the bone of a great speech. This first speech writing tip is perhaps the most important one.

2. Write down one central speech idea in one short sentence with which you want to leave our audience. Test if your title sounds good by speaking your bottom line out loud in 5 seconds maximum. Try to catch attention in a few teasing words.

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3. Determine the demographic, cultural and other characteristics of your listeners. As public speaker your have to know who they are, what they need, what they are concerned about and what they expect from you.

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4. In the introduction you write down why you have chosen this speech topic, how it relates to you and to your audience. Tell why you want them to agree with your views. List an important benefit.

5. Approach your theme from many different views, the supporting points, in your body copy.

6. Find evidence to prove your arguments and ideas. Ask reference librarians to help you researching your speech topic in comprehensive databases. And why not asking them for their favorite speech writing tip? Reinforce your message at the end of all your supporting points and refer back to it.

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7. Prelude while speech writing on some interacting with your audience. Ask a rhetoric question, offer the outcomes of a poll, and relate these to the ideas of the audience.

8. Effective speech writing is also writing in a conversational manner. So, deliver your speech by heart with only a few note cards. It will enhance your total performance. Each card contains only one point.

9. The conclusion is the most important part and should be leaving everyone with something to think about. Refer to your central message. See my speech writing tip number 1.

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10. Prepare for the Q and A or other feedback after your talk. Make sure you have researched one or two extra, bonus examples to make your message clear.

So, to summarize it: research surprising points and views, use my speech idea checklist, prove your credibility and expertise, and interact with your audience. That is the bottom line of this speech writing tip Top 10.

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Jim Peterson has over 10 year’s experience on speech writing.
He offers 1,250+ free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at www.speech-topics-help.com. Copyright 2006 Jim A. Peterson

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