Sitcom Writing: use the Hero’s Journey (Monomyth)

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[From our deconstruction of hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters and sitcoms (see below for the URL of our Home Page) and our isolation and identification of more than 188 stages of the Hero's Journey that you need to know about...]

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The Hero’s Journey is the template upon which the vast majority of successful stories and Hollywood blockbusters are based upon. In fact, ALL of the Hollywood movies we have deconstructed are based on this template.

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Understanding this template is a priority for story or screenwriters.

The Hero’s Journey:

a) Attempts to tap into unconscious expectations the audience has regarding what a story is and how it should be told.

b) Gives the writer more structural elements than simply three or four acts, plot points, mid point and so on.

c) Gives you a tangible process for building and releasing dissonance (establishing and achieving catharsis).

d) Gives you a universal structural template upon which you can superimpose your situational story.

and more…

Sitcom Writing

I recently had a question regarding “low cost, minimal scenes, few actors” screenplays. How could the Hero’s Journey be applied to that?

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The best “low cost, minimal scenes, few actors” application of the Hero’s Journey is sitcom.

Take an episode of Will and Grace:

Call to Adventure:

A Story: Grace and Keren meet the new clients: a just married couple. Have to decorate their apartment.

B Story: Will and Jack go to the gay bookshop; decide to help stop it form closing down.

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The Complete 188 stage Hero’s Journey and other story structure templates can be found at

Managing Creativity and Innovation and related techniques and tools can be found at

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