Simple Adsense Tips to Help You Earn More

Advertising has remained to be one of the strongest methods to let people know about a product. The journey that advertising has taken over the past 50 years has been a wild ride. The online advertising space has become a lot more advanced in the past few years, and a major part of this development has come through Google AdSense. The advertising program by Google offers webmasters an opportunity to run ads and get a share of the income. It’s not something that’s difficult to do, but it does require effort and skill to make a lot of money from it. Here are some excellent suggestions you can put to use right away, or soon, if you’re using adsense.

If you’re just getting a site set up for adsense, there is a handy little tool you can use to test them out. Just install the Google AdSense Preview Tool, and you’ll be able to see what kind of ads are being served. Ok, go to the advertiser’s destinations without causing any fake clicks, at that point you add their site URLs to your filter. Ads served up depend on geographic location, so then you can see what’s being shown on your site in other places. The interesting thing is you can see what people in any country in the world are being shown on your site. Limit the number of Adsense blocks you have on your site to only two. Even though there are sites that use more than two blocks, it’s just not recommended. The first reason to limit your blocks is to make sure your website doesn’t have a spammy look. Secondly, when you have more ads, the chances of displaying low paying ads increase. When you’re adding the code, keep the number of blocks to a minimum.

For the ad block background colors, you can choose from four colors. So the best thing to do is test on your pages and see which converts the best for you. Regardless of the purpose or type of site you have, it’s always good to test.

Adsense has grown to a huge level in the past few years and has become the leading network in the online advertising space. If you have a website, then adding AdSense to it will only increase its value and help you reach your site’s full potential.

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