Scrivener [Download]

Scrivener [Download]

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  • Corkboard – In Scrivener each document into a virtual index card on which you jot a synopsis appropriate, move the cards on the whiteboard Scrivener their associated text organized into your design
  • Outline – View and edit the synopses and meta-data of your documents into powerful outliner Scrivener. Organize your ideas with as many or as few steps as you want and drag it to your work to structure

    Scrivenings -. Scrivener’s innovative “Scrivenings” mode allows you to ensure a smooth transition between the processing of your document in one piece at a time or together as a whole

    Statistics and Goals -. A live word and character count of the current section is always in view of the bottom of the screen, and you can put a word or character count. Target for each section

    Full screen – or at least the rest of the screen – Because sometimes you to hide the rest of the world, write as you wish. Clicking on the toolbar and Scrivener, you can leave the rest of the desktop behind and distraction-free writing.

    Scrivener is a powerful content generation tool for writers, which allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring of long and complicated documents. While it gives you complete control over formatting, its focus is on helping you to get to the end of this first draft cumbersome.

    to write a novel that includes research paper, script, or a long-form text for more than pounding on the keys down until you’re done. Collect research, ordering

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