RFID Mifare Programming Reader Writer – Java uFRCoder Simple software review (Windows)

uFR Reader manufacturer’s website – www.d-logic.net uFR Software download – http uFRCoder Simple (Java) download – www.d-logic.net An example of the uFRCoderSimple application for Mifare card encoding done in Java for Windows. Simple application offers the functions of linear address and data length reading and writing and defining Mifare card keys. The source code of the software is provided with uFR reader/writer. Visit www.d-logic.net for more information on the device and its software support. uFR Free Software *** uFR2FileSystem 1.1 *** http www.d-logic.net *** uFR Coder Lock/Unlock *** www.d-logic.net *** uFR Coder Formatter *** www.d-logic.net uFR card programming software examples for WINDOW *** Delphi 7 *** www.d-logic.net ***Borland C++ *** www.d-logic.net C++1.0.rar *** Lazarus *** www.d-logic.net Win1.0.rar ***Visual C++.net *** www.d-logic.net ***Visual C#.net *** www.d-logic.net ***Visual Basic.net *** www.d-logic.net 1.0.rar ***Java *** www.d-logic.net Win1.0.rar ***Java Script *** www.d-logic.net ***Java Applet*** www.d-logic.net Applets1.0.rar PHP/mySQLScript (use with uFR2FileSystem)*** ufr-software/web_php_ufr.rar*** uFR card programming software examples for LINUX *** uFR Coder Linux Software – full pack*** www.d-logic.net *** Linux Java*** www.d-logic.net ***Coder Linux Java Script *** www.d-logic.net ***Coder Linux Java Applet*** www.d-logic.net ***Coder Linux Lazarus *** www.d-logic.net
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