Proven Strategies For Selling More EBooks

Writing eBooks is one of the simplest ways to start generating profits using the Internet. You can do one of many things to create an eBook: write it yourself (which is the most difficult), pay someone to do it for you, or use PLR articles as content. People that write their own content for their eBook have complete control of what it says. Having an eBook done is one thing – getting someone to buy it is a completely different game. A good idea is to write your eBook, and then use Internet marketing to make sales with your finished product. Here are a few tips that you can use to help you accomplish that goal.

Make sure that you let the people on your list know about your book. Build up anticipation with the people who have opted in to your list. Your list, if it is responsive, will be interested in what you have to say.

These people will buy what you have to sell or promote. This will build anticipation for the book prior to its release with your list. So if you have only used your e-mail list for other promotions, they can also be used for your eBook sales. Many people will tell you that e-mail marketing is where the money is. It is true for many reasons. One point of view about ebooks is that you can price your ebook any way you want as long as it delivers value. This is true, but is also true that if you have yet to build up a reputation of being worthy of higher prices, you will have a harder time selling books at that price point. It’s best to look at the market and discover what the going rate is for books that are comparable to yours. Your book doesn’t have to be the cheapest one in your niche, but don’t make it the most expensive either. Imagine that you are one of your customers and ask yourself if you’d want to pay the price you’re charging. If not, you should lower the price.

If you have a subscriber list, ask them what they would like to purchase from you. You might want to write a niche centric nonfiction eBook for starters. Before you do your book, ask the list what topic they would be most interested in reading. Get their input on the covers – you might even run a contest for the cover’s design. You could also ask them for their opinion on the sub title for your book. The more involved your online community feels in the “making of” process for your e-book, the more ownership they will feel. This means that they will be more likely to buy the book, send it to their friends, etc. As ebooks get more popular, it’s become a lot more straightforward to sell them. Promoting an ebook today isn’t so hard, as there are just so many platforms and strategies you can use. You should take advantage of as many options as you can. The sky is the limit so get to work and have some fun!

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