Powerful Evangelism through Writing a Book

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Think about the methods and tools used today to communicate with people. There are many, but not all of these methods work well all over the world. There are islands, and regions, and countries that don’t have the option of watching satellite TV or listening to satellite radio. Yet these people can still effectively be reached through books as the means of communication. Even for a more practical purposes, writing a book is one of the most industrious and effective ways to reach people and influence people in the world; past, present, and into the future.

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TV certainly gets to more people faster but when you are considering the financial, recourse, and time cost of starting a TV program as a means of expanding your ministry you can get deeply discouraged. By publishing a book you can reach people in countries that are undeveloped and reach those in your own backyard with less expense and still have a super effective tool through which you can communicate and reach people.

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Not only is book writhing a less expensive solution to your evangelism ministry, it is also a more lasting solution. The moment you can’t afford the expense of having a radio or TV ministry, that’s it. No more flow. But even if you get busy in life and you take time away from promoting and marketing your book, people are still reading, the message is being passed from one person to another person. Friends recommend good books and let one another borrow them all the time. So with a book you always have a voice. You never lose your ability to reach people by becoming a published author.

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You can become a published author quite easily today. There are many different companies that can help you become a published author. Taking the time to research different companies and their offerings makes the difference. You need to find a company that suits your needs and one that can tailor a solution to your particular publishing needs. You want to go with an experienced company and one that has been in business for several years. You want to go with a company that educates you on the large world of publishing, writing the best book, and marketing your book.

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Book publishing is a great tool that many evangelists use today and if you haven’t begun to use this tool you’re missing out. Get with the program! Become a published author and get your message out to people you will personally never touch but whose lives you will change.

Anthony Obey is the owner of GMA Publishing providing book publishing and marketing services to Writers, Pastors, Leaders, and Speakers. At http://www.GMApublishing.com you can also sign up for Book Coaching and receive FREE E-Tips on Writing, Publishing, and Marketing your book.

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