Power-Up Your Content Using Stories

The fascinating aspect of stories and using them is the universal appeal they have to us humans. If you want a pretty interesting read, do some research on the use of story telling throughout the history of the world. If you have never consciously injected some good story telling into your marketing, then now is the time to make a change. The average web marketer has no idea about the power of story telling, but now you do and you should seize on it. Since the majority of small web businesses will never entertain this approach, that leaves more business for you.

A lot of people follow a standard format for placing keyword phrases in their content plus a couple of other standard locations. The entire and complete web page matters in terms of keyword phrase frequency, etc, and not just the standard places. So keep that in mind, but just be sure you do not decide to do keyword stuffing. But you do not want to limit yourself to only your primary page phrase, and this can bring in more traffic as well. This is an important point about secondary phrases, but bear in mind that you should only have one major phrase per page.

Learn how to knock ‘em dead in the intro paragraph because that is where they are still sizing up your content.

You know that people read the headline first, and then they make an initial decision to read or not. What you have to do is get them to bite and sink their teeth in, and that is where the first paragraph comes in. Regardless, that is where people decide to read the rest of your article or go somewhere else. So you should employ that strategy at every step of the way, and there is no doubting the effects of your writing.

Even if you think you lack creativity, you do not and just have to make an effort to bring it out. If you need ideas for anything, very often you can find some kind of news stories to give you inspiration. There are so many ways to include emotions such as fear or dire consequences if they fail to use whatever it is you are selling. Plus, there are many ways to put supporting information such as statistics, etc. All easy and really more interesting and fun to write about. SEO is one of those areas along with on page factors that must be learned and the information cannot detract from your efforts. Avoid people who are just trying to sell you garbage from a nice looking sales letter – you want the authority site plus knowledge and experience. Always take precautions with those you learn from, and after a while you will be able to navigate around the subject much better.

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