Movie Outline 3

Movie Outline 3

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  • 100% cross-platform word processor for writing screenplays and stage plays
  • professional script formatting, and easy import / auto format from other word processors


  • full step-outline integrated, task-management history and character development tools
  • Customizable color-coded structuring with templates including the hero’s journey

    Includes 12 failures of Hollywood movies with story and narrative analysis graphics

    Movie Outline is powerful screenwriting software to develop your story into a professional writer. It was designed and produced by a screenwriter to the complexity out of the screenwriting process designed to help you focus on your history, structure and characters – leaving to take care of the design for the film format. Its intuitive design allows based on the principle of step outlines that you plan your cinematic structure, develop characters and format your screenplay is based

    List Price: $ 199.95 Price: $ 144.95

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