More Marketing Methods You May Not Have Tested

It should be obvious that Amazon is pretty much the best company to deal with. Their affiliate program is first class, and they give you so many resources and tools it isn’t funny. Amazon has built an amazing reputation for itself in terms of it’s marketing techniques and resources. They honestly want to help people as much as it is possible for them to do so. So, you can learn a lot from them as well as reach a huge number of people.

If you have been operating and selling through your site for a few years, there are obviously going to be things you can do to update your site content. This can mean adding to the content that is already there or replacing it. If you offer downloadable content, like PDFs through your website, spend some time bringing them up to date. You can easily market them to your readers every time you update them with a current version. Publishing new content is great for the on-page SEO value of your site. Plus it’s good for your audience if you keep them updated with current marketing news.

You should start working, for example, on how to use video more often within your sites. There are a variety of ways and purposes for this. At this moment in time, it seems that marketers are letting themselves get stuck in the idea of using videos for promotions. It’s rare to see a purely content based videos. These videos are put together to replace the written based content.

Right now people seem to display a solid preference for one form of content over the other. So why not get past your competitors and offer both–even though yes, it will make more work for you? You should at least test it out in a few places within your site. It makes sense that you should monitor your metrics on these pages closely to gauge reactions.

Another very clever approach to mobile advertising and exposure is to create mobile friendly feeder sites. These aren’t scraped sites or things like that but they work on the same basic principles like the older doorway pages. These are feeder websites: their only goals are to raise awareness and exposure for the main money websites you run. You should do a good enough job on them so people do not think they are trash sites, either. So do some honest and hard work on them but keep in mind that they do not need to be huge or authoritative websites. They’re simply feeder websites for your main websites.

We always find it funny when we hear people say that PPC advertising doesn’t ever work and only causes people to lose a bunch of money. There are a lot of people, us included, who have done quite well using pay per click advertising. So, work hard to learn about something before you dive into it face first, even when it comes to things like PPC advertising where reading is not always as good as learning on the fly.

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