Making Google AdWords Work for You as a Beginner

Sending good traffic to your website is getting harder everyday because, obviously, every day your level of competition grows. At the same time, you have more opportunities than ever before to send people to your business and to market yourself. It is certainly not a new kid on the block but in terms of scope and power, it dominates its market. So is it easy or hard when it comes to generating traffic through Google AdWords? It really depends on how you look at it–if you are ready to do some honest and hard work and overcome the learning curve it isn’t all that hard, it can be fairly easy. If you’re not the kind of person who is okay with taking a risk or two and you don’t want to put in any of your own funds, this is a program that will most likely go badly for you. If you are new to this type of thing and want to make sure that your initial AdWords campaigns actually pay off, keep reading.

The ad you write and the keywords you target must be similar to the keywords you use on the landing page of your website. When somebody comes across your ad while searching for a particular keyword, the ad should grab their attention. Your keyword will get highlighted and be in bold print for the user to see, so if you can put it at the top and in the middle of your ad you will stand a greater chance of someone clicking on it.

Instead of creating one ad for one keyword, I recommend setting up multiple ads for each keyword which will enable you to build a more powerful campaign. It is essential that you only focus on a single keyword or phrase for each ad. If you are targeting multiple keywords then you can easily set up ad groups dedicated to each. It is easier to rank ads for each keyword when you test ad groups individually as opposed to collectively. Despite minor differences between keywords, you should still create separate ad groups for each and read over the ads to make sure they flow with the ad text.

According to Google, you can add a display URL to your ad that is completely separate from the destination. To increase the relevancy of your ad, you need to use your main keyword in this URL. Therefore, if your destination URL is and your main keyword is dogs, your display URL could be This is an important step that can significantly affect your CTR. The internet is packed with information about successfully running a Google AdWords campaign well but remember that theory is not the same as action. Unless and until you take some action and put your knowledge into practical use, you won’t see any good results. All of the information is important when you work with AdWords.

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