Make More Money From Your Freelance Writing Experience

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If you’re a freelance writer, yet you haven’t penned a series of best
selling novels, or written the script for a blockbuster movie, chances are
you could use a few additional streams of income each month. You
probably don’t want to write eight hours a day, seven days a week,
anyway. After all, most writers need time away from the keyboard to
recharge their creativity.

So don’t just write MORE to make MORE money. Instead, try a few
different ways to earn additional income from your writing experience.

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1. Teach Writing – Many times, local colleges and universities look for
writing teachers who can teach part time. If you have a background in
teaching (and enjoy it) offer to teach a class or two in creative writing,
business writing, or whatever kind of writing you do, for a local school.

There are also various writing schools that offer correspondence
courses for writers. Students’ manuscripts from all over the world are
forwarded to you, so you can work in the comfort of your own home no
matter where you live. Check into teaching a writing correspondence
course if the idea of teaching from home appeals to you.

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2. Speak at Writers’ Conferences – Authors are always in demand for
writers’ conferences. Develop at least a few presentations you can offer
at conferences. Speakers usually present in hour long sessions, so
make sure your presentations are well planned and you have enough
information to keep an audience interested for at least an hour (and
sometimes sessions last 1 1/2 hours, so be prepared for those too).

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3. Make Author Visits to Schools & Other Organizations – Schools have
author days, career days, and other events (mostly in the spring or fall)
and they are always looking for published authors for these events. If
you’ve written at least one book, make sure schools in your area know
you’re available for author visits. Authors are sometimes hired to speak
at library events, at historical societies, or for small business
organizations, too. If you’ve written a book(s) that might be of interest to
any of these types of groups, get the word out so they know about your
book(s) and your availability as a speaker.

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4. Mentor Other Writers – Offer weekly sessions to other writers who do
not have as much writing experience, or published credits as you do.
Help them with their ongoing writing projects by critiquing their work,
showing them how to write book proposals and captivating query letters.
Also, help them find appropriate markets for their writing.

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5. Offer writing workshops – There is always a demand for writing
workshops. You can offer these through libraries, schools, or even
community centers. Put together a proposal for a short series of
workshops, then find a location where you can offer them. Next, get the
word out in your local newspapers, or make up flyers to post in coffee
shops, libraries, community centers, etc. so people know how to sign up
for your workshops.

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It really isn’t very difficult to add to your freelance writing income once
you start thinking of other interesting ways to make use of your writing
experience and expertise. Plus, as you gain more writing experience
and publishing credits, you’ll have even more to offer the public as a
speaker, mentor, teacher, or workshop presenter.

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Suzanne Lieurance is a children’s author and freelance writer. To learn
more about her children’s books visit her website at or find out more about her freelance writing
services at

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