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It seems like not a day goes by when one of my business partners doesn’t call me up, or I call him up, and say:

“Hey, I was just taking a shower and got this great new idea for that project we’re working on!”

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I know that sounds strange, but it’s true.

There’s something almost magical about taking long showers and “suddenly” getting the answers to problems or coming up with ideas for your ads.

It’s just amazing the way that works.

I even did some research on this not too long ago.

And apparently there is something in your brain that stimulates creativity when warm, soothing water pours over your head.

Problems are solved, ideas are sparked and your creativity basically goes on overdrive.

Personally, I seem to get many of my best headline ideas for my ads while taking long, hot showers.

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Whenever I’m working on an ad headline, and I’ve cranked out two or three hundred different headlines (and can’t seem to find the right one) I always take a lot of long, hot showers.

Sometimes even several showers per day.

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I’ll just sit there in the shower, letting my mind wander, and trying not to think about anything specific.

Most of the time (so often it’s almost spooky) the answer will come.

Try it yourself and see.

Next time you’re writing an ad and can’t think of that right phrase, idea, theme, headline, etc, take long, hot showers. Maybe even two or three in a day. Just let your mind wander and solve the problem for you.

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