Liberate Writing Woes With Free Writing

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Writing competency has many students from high school through college up in arms. Irregardless of how many papers an author may have written, he or she often times experience pangs of dread running through their body. Thankfully, Elbow and Belanoff have provided you, the writer, with a number of tools to help your jumbled piece of gibberish read like the coherent, succinct, and masterful piece of writing that you had intended it to be.

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Before the final product, everything must start from scratch. Therefore, before you can stream line ideas, you must create them first. Free Writing is a method of thought invention and is the initial step to the creation of the paper; it is something out of nothing. Two response methods from Sharing and Responding, Summary and Sayback and Believing and Doubting, are two of the most constructive methods of help that an author could receive from any person. The method of Believing and Doubting helps to remove any pointless elements while at the same time bolstering whatever is vital to the structure of what you have written.

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The last mode of response is Summary and Sayback. It is the assessment of what you have written to ensure that the point you have intended to get across is exactly what was written down. If your reader echoes your intentions, you know your writing is ready. These methods of Believing and Doubting, Summary and Sayback, and Free Writing are all complements of each other and are most effective when used in conjunction with each other.

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