Learn How to Prepare a High-Quality Subject Line

Writing email subject lines that convert is something every email marketer wants. No open rates can ever be guaranteed, but you can still make a ton of money with good ones. Of course it takes time to become good at anything, but you should work to make it possible. But then again, writing amazing, high converting subject lines is not the easiest thing to do, and you have to take a number of factors into consideration. The article below explains three unique tips that will help you write better subject lines.

Don’t make your subject lines too long. Sixty characters should be the limit of your subject line. The reason for this is simple, you don’t have to make your subject line long and confusing. Keep your subject line short and snappy. People will be more inclined to open your message with a shorter subject line. There’s also the problem of the message getting truncated by the recipient’s email viewer, which will render it unreadable. For these reasons, limit the length of your subject line and you’ll get better results.

Ever seen a subject line that looks like a start to a sales pitch? Being too aggressive in the subject line can create a bad impression. If you want your readers to respond to your offer and actually open your email, then don’t sell in your subject line. Tease readers with your subject line rather than trying too hard to convince them of anything. Make your readers curious about your offer and get them to open the email first. In the email itself, you can either try to sell them a product or get them to take whatever action you want them to take.

Honesty is essential in subject lines if you care about your reputation. Avoid using deception or lies just to increase your open rate. The subject line should reflect what’s actually in the body of your email. You have to think beyond your immediate response rate and consider how your prospects perceive you. If you try to fool people, they will take note of this and many will unsubscribe from your list. The important thing is to think about building relationships with your customers, not on getting immediate results. You’ll have a much better conversion rate when you’re honest and direct. Conversions are the most important factor anyway. If you subscribe to a few email lists, you’ll see for yourself how many don’t focus on the subject line. Only the successful email marketers recognize the importance and the essence of writing a subject line that matters. Never get stressed about making mistakes because they will occur, and you will get over them and keep plowing ahead. But do not forget that you have to keep learning and just do something every single day. Getting a higher conversion rate for your emails is no big deal, just don’t forget the basics.

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