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After over a decade of people making a killing with information marketing, they still are in many ways. All you really need is the desire and willingness to do a little work but it’s not hard work. If you have not quite figured out how to get traffic to your ebook, then this article is really what you need to read. You know about Amazon Kindle, and in this article we’ll show you how you can get your foot in the door.

People are attracted to the better covers, so all you need to do is get a good designer. For one thing, the cover design gets displayed on the Kindle, and for another, since the advent of the Kindle Fire, the covers are displayed in color. You and Amazon are in this together, and they also make use of image thumbnails so this is another reason. So get someone who is good at design work and ebook covers take care of this part for you.

Kindle formatting guidelines are pretty easy to follow, and Createspace has different policies for their publishing platform. Go to Google and search on formatting for Kindle, and you’ll find all the help you need. People will mention this in your reviews if the format’s incorrect and it’s hard to read, etc.

It’s just one more thing that will hurt future sales, and you can recover but it’ll take some time. At Amazon, it’s not like they have shelves of your “ebook,” so just do it again but get it right.

What’s really nice about Kindle is they provide you with a lot of help to publish your ebook. This is freely available to Kindle publishers, and it’s a form of leverage you can use to build your knowledge base.

So you will be doing yourself a huge favor by reading and learning from them. This is pretty much evergreen knowledge that you will be able to use no matter where you go.

Selling books and reports through the Kindle store is a great way to earn extra money for yourself or for your business. Plus as we have said there are many benefits to doing this, so it’s a good business idea. All the work is front loaded, and then you can reap the rewards later on and they’ll be sweet. Don’t delay with doing this and don’t let the book writing scare you off.

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