Incredibly Simple Copywriting Trick Guarantees You Never Stare At A Blank Screen When Writing Copy

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If you would like to make sure you never again stare at a blank screen or piece of paper when writing your copy, then this article will show you how.

Once upon a time a guy I know called me up almost panicky because he had a looming deadline and couldn’t think of anything to write.

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“All I seem to be doing is starting at a blank screen! What do I do?” he asked.

“The reason you’re staring at a blank screen is because you’re not doing anything. You’re just staring. Start writing and your problem will fix itself.” I replied.

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A few hours later he finished his ad and made his deadline.

Listen, simply start writing something — anything — and I promise you ideas will begin to flow and concepts that were vague will take shape.

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I personally write an enormous amount of content for both my clients and my own projects.

Not just ads, either.

But ezine articles, auto-responders, blog posts, even entire books.

And yet I never stare at blank screens or wonder about what to write.


It’s kind of ironic, but I get a tremendous number of ideas — for all the hundreds of different things I work on in a given month — while I’m writing.

For example:

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When I’m writing an ezine article, I’ll almost always get two, three, four or more ideas for an ad I’m writing or for one of the other projects I’m working on.

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There’s no “voodoo” about it, either.

It’s just how the human mind works.

The late copywriter Eugene Schwartz (a man who routinely wrote tens of thousand of pages of material for his ads, books and articles) talked about this in his speeches.

He explained how when you focus your conscience mind on a task, you allow ideas floating around in your subconscious to “bleed” in to the front.

Want to know something funny?

I actually just got an idea for another ezine article while writing the above.

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That’s how quickly and immediately this can work.

The key is movement.

The more movement you create — like when you’re writing, for example — the more ideas will come to you.

On the other hand, if you’re just sitting there, chances are nothing will happen. Because you’re not moving or doing anything.

If you don’t want to write to get the juices flowing, then take a walk. Go for a bike ride (I’ve gotten hundreds of great ideas riding my bike). Do the dishes. Something. Anything.

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Bottom line:

If you start moving I guarantee you ideas for your ads will come crashing into your consciousness so quickly you’ll probably have trouble keeping up with them all.

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Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet” — which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else. You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at

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