Increase Your Flippa Earning Potential Dramatically – Tactics And Tips

Have you ever sold a website? There were many reasons that you may have done this. Perhaps you ran out of resources to keep the site going on your own. Maybe you have gotten into website “flipping”? It is possible that people want to keep their sites active, yet they don’t really want to mess with them everyday. The best one to use is Flippa, a great website for selling websites that you make everyday. People use Flippa to sell and buy websites everyday. Of course there is more to selling with Flippa than just writing a quick listing and praying that it does well. Here are some things you can do to help boost your earnings.

Be smart and honest. Lots of sellers say they have amazing numbers of visitors. It’s simple to make a claim that you have great figures. To be successful, you need people to trust you and the only way to do that is to back your statement up with proof. Generate Google Analytics reports and post them. This helps back up your claims of amazing traffic with numbers from a trusted source. You can’t use any other program except Google Analytics. Other traffic counters aren’t viewed as positively and aren’t really trusted. Some people aren’t even interested in talking to you if you can’t give them Google Analytics figures to analyze. Make sure that you tell people why you are selling the website when you create your listing. This is a simple process if you don’t simply flip websites regularly. If there is a real reason you can’t keep running the site on your own, it’s good to share it with bidders. It is essential that a positive tone is used in the words on the actual auction. “I would not sell the site because it is so profitable, but I just can’t keep it up”. So if you really don’t have the resources or time, write this down in your profile. It is intriguing and gives people a reason to want to take over for you.

Don’t buy a bunch of upgrades for your listings that you don’t need. You can make a variety of modifications to your listings if you pay Flippa for it. Things like bolded text, highlighting, and Twitter are upgrades that you don’t actually need. Bolded and highlighted text make your listing hard to read. The Twitter upgrade costs too much. Why invest so much money when you can do it on your own for free? Since this is the way people will be able to see an accurate representation of what your site looks like, you might consider purchasing the screenshot upgrade. Be cautious. Only get the upgrades if they are a necessity.

Selling websites on Flippa can be easy and successful, but you have to use the right tactics to be successful. We’ve talked about just a few of them in the body of this article.

Even though learning about new strategies is good, your most beneficial and profitable strategies will come with experience. By using the strategies that we have presented, this is a great foundation for starting your path to selling websites and profiting.

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