Increase Your Conversion Numbers with Google Analytics

You have the product, you have the website, now how do you find out who has visited your site, where they came from, and all that other information? Your friends and family may love how your new site looks, but that doesn’t mean that it will appeal to the audience you are targeting and convert that audience into paying customers. Enter Google Analytics, a strong tracking tool that can vault your online business above your competitions by simply doing what it was designed to do. This program will provide you with information on your visitors such as how many times they’ve visited you website, their geographical location, the keywords they used to search etc. Plus, you can generate reports that will tell you how long they stayed on your website and what type of audience they are by what they were searching for when they reached your site. So that you are able to understand intuitively what pages are performing and which ones are not, it grants you individual tracking information on every page of your website. Google Analytics is a wonderful business tool that is an asset to any online business.

You can track visitor segmentation with it. It gives you crucial data on the number of visitors that your SEO campaign is sending you. You’re able to segment your results by new visitors and returning ones, by geography and also by referral source. New marketers sometimes ignore this incredible benefit from Analytics, which is quite an asset. In today’s online world the competition is cut throat and to really get the most out of your efforts you have to have complete knowledge about your visitors and how they are interacting with your website. While there are certainly other programs out there that claim to do what Analytics does, nobody can match the precision of Analytics. Besides this, you will also achieve the capability of improving your website employing Analytics. Through this exhaustive analysis, you will be capable of simply adjusting your website in precise ways, to alter the copy of the page which is not delivering adequate rates of conversion. At some point, this delivers good quality possible leads to you which turn into clients at some point in the not so distant future.

Another great feature of Google Analytics is that it can analyze your websites bounce rate. It’s not good to have a high bounce rate if you have an online sales business. “Bounce rate” means the amount of visitors who just click through your site without browsing. This means those people are not buying your product, which means you’re losing revenue. So this one benefit can give you a clear edge over your competition by telling you how much is your bounce rate.

In summary, Google Analytics remains a helpful method for obtaining the essential information about your visitors, and not simply for staying on top of your visitors. The information you get will help you immensely when it comes to launching advertising campaigns and keeping track of things that will affect your conversion rates, all of which will increase your sales and improve your business. If you haven’t started using Google Analytics yet, now’s the time.

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