Improving Your Quality Score In AdWords

Google Adwords gives you a simple method for finding the right kind of visitors for your blog or website. In order to come out ahead with Adwords, it’s essential to have a good Adwords Quality Score, which is of course based on how Google rates your ads. Having a high Quality Score is not just to make you feel good, for this will lower the cost of your ads, which is crucial for running successful campaigns. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your Quality Score, just be sure that you keep the following principles in mind.

Adjustments for an Improved CTR: You can make quite a few adjustments to your campaign that will help you boost your CTR. While these changes might seem minimal, they can have a significant impact on your Quality Score. This means things like modifying your ad, the display URL and even your call to action depending on how your prospects react. These modifications will lead to a higher CTR because any tweaks made to your ad can have an impact on the results it generates.

Keep Your Eye on the Landing Page: The landing page is a critical element that can lead to the success of a Google AdWords campaign. You can save money on your campaign with a good landing page as well as generating a good conversion rate. How to do this? When you have a high quality score, your bids go down, which means you end up paying less. Simply keep in mind that the content of your ads needs to be perfectly matched to your landing page. You want a substantial landing page that includes every element that could be original and substantial. A higher level of relevancy and quality can be achieved by creating an “About Us” page and connecting it to your landing page. Google thinks “Privacy Policies” are important so you need to include a link to your landing page.

Build a Decent History: You need to improve your Quality Score consistently if you want to get the best possible results from your AdWords campaigns. This is mainly because Google happens to take historical performance of your AdWords account when calculating the Quality Score of your account. Therefore, it makes sense for you to ensure you have a positive history. In the long run, this will benefit you better than the others who have their accounts messed up or are simply using a new account. This proves that patience does pay when you are working with AdWords. In summary, the above article clearly shows us that the AdWords Quality Score is not very difficult to take care of, as long as you’re taking the right steps at the right time. If you’re just starting out, it will take you some time before you build your Quality Score and reap the benefits. In time, you will find that an excellent Quality Score is like having targeted traffic on tap that also has a high conversion rate.

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