How To Use Twitter’s Direct Message Autoresponder

The Twitter autoresponder, which has existed for some years, is a greatly under-used tool and resource which is a mistake you should not commit in your Twitter marketing. There is definitely a right and wrong way to approach business with direct messages and the autoresponder, and we will talk more about in this article.

People are tired of being spammed these days, especially with fake offers that are out to scam them off their hard earned money. Of course you may not be in the make money niche at all, but still you must not make people suspicious of about your offers when you send out direct messages. Try to avoid talking about any unreal offers in your direct message that may look like hype and something unreal. You want your followers to trust you for who you are, and not un-follow you as soon as they get your message. We have seen autoresponder messages that were a quick ‘hello’ followed by a marketing message – we un-followed them.

Any time you give a link out in your messages, be sure you have something set up so you can track them. All kinds of URL shortener services exist, and so being able to do this is also free – just remember to check on the performance of your direct messages and links in Tweets. Should you go with a link in your DM autoresponder message, then of course you want to have effective tracking in place. These various tools are in place to help you optimize your marketing performance, so never avoid using them. Quite often it is hit and miss with advertising, but sooner or later you will hit and be able to take some cues from that campaign.

Any autoresponder that you use will automatically create a new email notifications to the recipients to all those followers of yours who have Twitter “email alerts” switched on. This can be a little confusing for newer users, so merely be very sure about how you use the various features. If you make a mistake then you do, but you cannot repeat things like that.

If you notice, Twitter has a report as spam link in their direct messages that are sent to email addresses, so keep that in mind with the autoresponder use.

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