How to Promote Your Own Services on Your Blog

One of the most effective and simple ways to monetize a blog is to sell your own services from it. But how do you go about selling your services through your blog without creating it a sales pitch? These are just some of the things you can do to enjoy a little self-promotion on your blog that truly is shameless.

Passive Promotion: Be careful about how you decide to promote your services on your blog; your blog is mostly a means for delivering great information which means that if you do decide to use it for promotional purposes you need to work hard to create a balance between the two. Your readers don’t want to have a sales pitch forced upon them and that is why passive promotion is the best way to get the word out about your services without accidentally offending anybody. The real reason that someone visits a blog or subscribes to it is because they want to stay current on new and relevant information. Nobody would want to subscribe to a blog that does nothing but blatant promotion of its own services. Allowing your blog to delve into total self promotion is absolutely a bad idea. So how passively can you promote yourself? It involves creating really great content that your readers will truly enjoy so that it will pretty much act as a promotional tool by itself. You don’t want to just blatantly sell your stuff, let the creating of great content prove how much you are worth by itself. This is how you win the confidence of your readers and show it to them that you can indeed deliver quality results with your service.

Don’t defeat your purposes of promoting yourself by allowing advertisements that promote others on your blog. It’s simple common sense to not have any distractions on your blogs, especially Google AdSense. Try placing your own advertisements in those primo ad spots on your page instead and watch the business roll on in. These ads can be placed in the side bar on your blog, below your posts, and just above comments as well.

Use links liberally in order to promote your services and other areas of your site. Make a tab for your navigation bar that instantly transports visitors to your “Services” page. The easier you make it for your readers to learn about what you’re offering the better the response will be. If you want your blog to be successful then you are going to have to actively work to transform readers into customers. But, it’s also important not to use navigation tools as a distraction from the actual content of your blog either. That’s it! Just put these ideas and information to use and you should be able to sell your services without any troubles.

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