How To Monetize Your Website Without Using Adsense

Maybe you’re one of the millions who only think about Google Adsense when you think about quick profits on your site. This is partly because the system is incredibly popular and easy to use. One thing is that they are monopolistic and once you use it on your site, then you cannot use others, too. The truth is that there are plenty of alternatives to Google Adsense out there that you can use. It really is our pleasure to help you get away from Google Adsense, and you can do that with any of the networks, below.

If you want to stay with a network that has some history, then you should examine Kontera. This is not a network for newbie sites because you need to have some trust rank and very good traffic numbers. Chances are you have seen their ads, and a small box will pop up from particular words in your content. At least the ads are not intrusive because they are pretty small, so that is at least a good thing. They pay very well, and the only thing is that sometimes people may not like it when their mouse runs over the text.

Another advertising network that site owners and bloggers love is Bidvertiser. Ever hear of them? It is one of the top alternatives to Adsense that many people like to utilize. Publishers have a lot of freedom when it comes to not just the ads they run but the type and the size of the ads that they run. They offer what is called “free design”, a component of the advertising network that lets you choose the most useful ad dimensions for your website. People can cash in with the conversion bonuses, plus make extra money with the navigational toolbar the company provides.

Another advertising network that goes head-to-head with Google Adsense is called Chitika. Called the “The Leader in Impulse Marketing” by the company itself. Chitika is actually different from many other advertising networks. The advertisements are very targeted which show up on your website or blog. They have a very unique component, an advertising box, that will change the ads that it shows based upon your post or page content. You are more likely to earn more money when people see targeted ads. They are more likely to click on the ads because they are relevant to the content. It’s definitely a popular system that is worth looking into. For many years the king of ads was Google, but that situation has changed and that is good. It is hard to beat the benefits of options because you have more control. We’ve shown you a few of the Google Adsense alternatives you can choose from when you want to run ads. So be sure to take some action if you want to breakaway and reclaim your freedom.

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