How To Keep Your Google Adsense Account Alive and Well

Google AdSense is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to monetize your website or blog. Even though you have a number of options, ranging from running your own banner ads to have contextual links, AdSense is by far the most trustable publisher program that is run by none other than Google. Obviously the most important aspect and key to success is market selection plus traffic volume. Do be aware that Google is probably the strictest company on the planet, and you will suffer account deletion if you try to game their system. Naturally, you would want to know how you can have peace of mind and stay away from trouble.

You are prohibited from combining email promotions and Adsense. So always remember that your ads can only be served to your sites and nowhere else in any manner. If you really want to make money out of the emails that you send out, then you can promote affiliate products or even give out the links to your AdSense site; so you can definitely make money indirectly through email, but not by directly including the AdSense code and try to display the ads in the email itself.

Part of the terms of service is to keep things confidential with your account such as your click through rate and others. Obviously they cannot control who you tell what to, but if you do tell someone make very sure you trust them to keep quiet. If you want to put up a picture of your Adsense check, then be careful about it and take precautions.

This way, you’ll achieve your purpose and at the same time keep your account safe.

You can quickly enter a gray area and be subject to a human review if you try to game the background colors of your ad blocks. You will see that you can customize certain features of the ad blocks, so just make the colors go well together rather than trying to hide anything. Every step that you take towards making your ads more effective in terms of CTR should be within the boundaries that have been put down by Google; going beyond these will only increase the risk of having your account banned.

The things you have to do in order to preserve your active status are very easy. Keep in mind that Google is unforgiving when it comes to following their rules for Adsense. Once you have it all in place, then you just keep doing what you have been doing and you’ll see some money start to happen.

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