How To Improve Your Article Marketing Results

As you may know, Google has instituted new policies that make article marketing a little more challenging than it used to be. Until the recent search engine updates, you had a couple of choices when it came to article marketing. Some focused on getting their content syndicated, while the majority relied on article directories to get ranked by the search engines. Since the updates, however, the search engines are really interested in ranking only quality articles, so it’s not enough to simply have them published in a directory.

If you use article marketing or just publish on your own sites, you need to cast your marketing net as wide as possible. Along with your own site, there are others that may be open to your content being on their site as well. There are still sites that are built using the content of others, and these are magazine style sites.

You can make an account and then publish your content to them, and they may want unique. You will not be paid upfront, but you will be casting that net ever-wider.

When you are writing to get paid, or have a business, then time is money which means quality work done as fast as possible. Creating an outline for anything you want to write is a smart idea and will help you. Once you have done this then you will naturally become more adept with the process. You will always have a goal in mind with each thing you write, and that is what they outline will help you to solidify. Unless you are merely describing a few things, you have to write so it flows well and comes together. Of course the last paragraph is always a conclusion that ties everything together.

Theft of original content is very common online, and if you publish anything on the internet this has most likely happened to you. If your articles are published on any popular directories, some of them have almost certainly been swiped. If you use the right approach, however, you may be able to turn this problem into a blessing in disguise. Rather than get upset when you find that someone has swiped your content, write to them and make an offer. Don’t be angry or threatening, but talk to them in a reasonable manner. Tell them that if they’re willing to play by the rules and include a link to your site that you’ll regularly send them any articles you write. Otherwise, if they ignore your request you will submit a DMCA take-down notice. We have no doubts about your ability to write articles like we have just talked about. We have not seen any other writers using these unique approaches with their articles. So feel free to be confident about your ability to offer creative content that is valuable. If you get a lot of traffic, then your readers will become spoiled because you will have raised the bar.

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