How To Get Your Book Published

Many people have multiple questions about the publishing process involved if you are ready to try to sell a book in science fiction, romance, children’s literature, or any other genre. The daunting questions loom particularly large for authors who haven’t had any books published yet. As an effort to help you if you are in the same boat as those unpublished authors, the following questions have been included below.

Though you should always remember that the goal is one you can accomplish, you should also know that many writers never get anything beyond rejection letters. Yet, never give up your pursuit of trying to achieve your goal just because you have been rejected. Most authors receive these rejections, which means your favorite and most well-known authors succeeded only after being handed pile after pile of rejection letters. Time – and plenty of trial and error – are necessary to find the right publisher for your book and you.

No one can tell you how much money you will make, as that varies considerably. For a writer, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding how much their book pays them: these include length of book, genre of book, and the specific publisher. Typically speaking though, books that are longer in length are likely more valuable and well-known publishers are more likely to make more money.

Literary agents are universally recommended by any online resource in how to get a book published. Contrary to popular belief, there are many publishers who can and do work with authors that do not have a literary agent. Not everyone can afford an agent at the start so, if you cannot, focus on the important part of getting your book published yourself.

The easiest approach to find a publisher is through a guide such as the Writer’s Market, or similar resource. This guide lists publishers in specific genres, outlines what specifics they are looking for, and what requirements each publishers have. Many helpful internet websites exist which tell you which publishers accept manuscripts, but it is better to visit individual publishing websites for this information. The publisher’s websites also give detailed information that you would find in printed guides for writers.

Many things can influence the degree of difficulty in getting your book published. A general rule to consider is that your chances increase with every additional publisher you approach. To further help you, look at the average number of books that your Writer’s Guide says each publisher publishes each year. This can be a great indicator of your chances, as well. While sheer tenacity and never giving up is very important to your goal, you should also keep in mind how important researching your publishers are, and the fact that book publishing is never guaranteed to make you any specific amount of money.

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