How to Get the Most out of Bum Marketing

Bum marketing might not make you millions of dollars but it can jump start your own online career if you do it right. Keep reading to learn how to make your bum marketing campaigns insanely successful.

Use a Pen Name: When you’re submitting articles to article directories, use a pen name. The real reason for this is that, with bum marketing, you probably won’t be sticking with just one niche, will you? This is why you should think up a pen name for every niche in which you work: it helps keep your focus. This also keeps your niches safeguarded because it will make it harder for people to figure out what you’ve targeted just by searching for your real name. It also helps you look like an authority who has chosen to focus on just one niche instead of writing about everything under the sun and that makes a good impression on your readers. All of these little types of things really do matter and you can achieve so much more when you pay attention to them. Be Interested in the Niche: When you are deciding on a product to market with bum marketing, you need to make sure that it is something you are interested in. In the end, your niche research will determine the product you will be marketing and you will have a very hard time writing articles if it’s about something you don’t know at all or find uninteresting. You have to concentrate on picking only niches that you have a connection with. Don’t target a niche just because it has products that pay high commissions because you need to focus on more than money. The easier it is for you to write about a particular niche market, the more articles you’ll be able to produce for your bum marketing campaigns.

Create a Blog: If you’re producing so much content for your bum marketing campaign, wouldn’t it make sense to create a blog to help you get more out of your articles? You don’t even have to bother with your own domain names, just use the free blogs that are offered through and You can build lots of blogs in lots of niches when you use bum marketing and build your own blogging empire. Search engines happen to love blogs so when you take this particular piece of advice you are able to generate a creative edge for yourself. This will help you get even more traffic because sending regular content to your blogs helps you just as much as publishing in article directories. Every bum marketing campaign that you run doesn’t necessarily have to be a success, which is why you should never give up even if you fail to see results at times.

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