How to Effectively Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is the top social networking portal online and for a very good reason. The number of users on this social site are growing in large numbers, making it the perfect place to advertise your product or service. The purpose of this article is to help you leverage Facebook ads in the best possible way and get a high return on your investment.

Make sure that you have read and that you understand the guidelines Facebook has laid out for advertisers. This important step shouldn’t be ignored because doing so could inadvertently get you in trouble and make it much harder for you to find success with your advertising campaign. So many new advertisers find themselves penalized because they failed to follow the rules that Facebook laid out for them. Facebook’s advertising system works best when advertisers all follow the strict rules and guidelines set forth by the system so it is better to just follow the rules set out.

Offer free gifts related to your niche on your landing page to convert the traffic that you generate from Facebook ads. Today, if you take the time to check, you will see that lots of internet marketers are using this particular technique as a way to build e-mail lists. Not only does this offer subscribers more value for signing up, it helps you show off how much you really know. This will help you far more than simply letting traffic land on a “regular” sales page–your conversion level will help you a lot. When you’ve finally gotten the contact information of your potential buyers, it’s easier to keep in touch with them, give them valuable stuff and raise your sales rates. Of course, it is vital that you actually stand out from the rest of your competitors and to do that you need to make sure that the free gift you are offering is of actual value to the recipients, don’t let it be a half-done, half-effort piece of junk.

Focus on your ad’s copy so that it is attractive as well as enticing. The goal is to make them want to click on your ad. The image that you use with your ad also matters, but ultimately, the words that you use in your ad need to make it stand out. Make sure your call to action is strong so that every person who sees it knows exactly what you want them to do when they finish reading. Don’t forget to be as clear and as transparent as possible.

Running an effective ad campaign on Facebook is much more than just writing and putting up your ad. It involves due diligence, skilled decision making, patience and above all perseverance in the face of failure. Each Facebook advertiser who has found continued success will tell you that if you are consistent and work hard you will get good results.

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