How to Earn a Full Time Income Through the Amazon Kindle Store

For some reason the common belief is that earning tons of money selling eBooks through Kindle is easy. This is typically because lots of IMers insist that the process should be a really simple one. Promoting a book in the Kindle store is something that actually takes quite a bit of work. Yes you’ll have to spend time and do hard work to do it but that is time well spent and hard work that you can be proud of. After all, if you don’t do any work to promote your book how can you expect anybody to actually be able to find it? Keep reading to learn some of the better techniques you can use to promote your ebook within the Kindle system and bring in more money.

Is your eBook keyword optimized? This probably sounds dumb. Keyword optimization is supposed to be for articles and search engine optimization. The truth is that Google and Amazon’s search engines are not all that different. It searches out words and phrases within the description and the book itself so that it knows how to match your book up with things people are looking for. Your book probably covers some specific topics. There are keywords and keyword phrases that relate to those topics; make sure you use them in your description. Remember how you optimized your website for Google? Do the same things for your eBook.

Joining the Kindle forums and engaging in discussions is essential. There are two good motives for you to do this. Firstly, you’ll be able to learn how the Kindle system works and how you can succeed with it. The second is that it helps you become a member of a larger and more supportive community. People will want to see what you have to offer based on your contributions to the discussions in which you participate. It’s critical that you don’t turn the posts you make on the forum into adverts trying to push your book. Talk to other people. Have a dialogue. An increase in sales is coming along shortly, just be patient.

Go to forums that are related to the niche your eBook is in. Since you are probably trying to promote other business endeavors, there’s a good chance you are already on quite a few forums. For this strategy to be effective, you need to make quality contributions to the discussions taking place. Make sure that you list a link for your Kindle book in your signature so that people know where to find and buy it. The amount of sales you bring in simply by being a productive member of the forum community will amaze you.

Even a single title on the Kindle system can help you generate a full time living when it’s done the right way. How can you achieve this? Well, that’s all in how you go about promoting your eBook. Slapping up some PDF and praying things will go your way is definitely not the way to make a Kindle income. These tips can get you going but you should do your own due diligence to see what other ideas you can find.

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