How to Create an Effective Viral Marketing Campaign

You know, there are probably thousands of people who have tried to discover the secret of viral campaigns and viral marketing. If any one person could unravel this great enigma of online marketing, that person would become an almost instant millionaire. You need to execute it in the open to find out how well it works out and if it gives the desired results. Here are several timely guidelines to get you off to a good start in this potentially explosive-results area of marketing.

There are many reasons to move like you have a purpose in life which is to say do not waste time, and viral campaigns are one of those reasons. The apparent reasoning behind this notion is that somebody else may beat you to the punch. The fact is that viral marketing can’t be perfectly planned, so you never know what will actually work for you. However, don’t waste time in testing out new ideas because you never know what will hit. If it has some movement, then you can roll it out to other places. Do consider that we have seen many viral videos that were very ugly and not polished at all. There just is no need to make your creation look perfect, and it really does not matter.

The entire essence of viral is sharing ability, and that is critical to the success of any campaign. We admit that this aspect is much easier and maybe common sense, but it is still important for you to know about. So right from the start you should focus and work on making your viral campaigns spreadable by nature, and eliminate any unnecessary steps before someone is able to share it. One thing is certain is that hoops to jump through are always a killer for whatever you want them to do. Something like a PDF usually does not have a share button, but we are beginning to see them.

You can use something like Google Analytics to keep tabs on everything that is going on, and then you will use that to assess. Regardless of whether your campaign is successful or is at loss, you’ll find that by being observant you’ll actually be able to learn from this data that you gather. Just as there are no promises with anything online, be prepared to not always being able to determine the cause for poor performance. We do not think there is any one singular key to success with viral marketing because of excessive human variables involved. Besides this, you should try the ‘wash and repeat’ approach for a campaign that actually made it big. Then there is testing which could lead to discovering why a losing campaign happened. Viral marketing is a challenge, to be sure, but that is part of the fun of online business, or at least we think so.

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