How to Boost the Crawl Rate of Your Website

Google and other search engines send out crawl bots to check websites for new material the rate at which these bots return to your site for future visits is considered your site’s crawl rate. There are plenty of different things that can have a big impact on website crawl rates. The question is, why is it important for you get Google to drop by your site on a regular basis? What kind of benefit does this offer? The most important answer is more exposure for your site – the more bots that visit your site the faster your new content and material will be noticed and indexed by the search engines.

These are just a few things you can do to boost the appeal your site will have for Google.

Major search engines like Google love fresh content; when you update your content on a regular basis, you’re basically inviting the bots to visit your site more than before. The new content gives the Google spiders a reason to drop by your site on a regular basis to check on if you’ve got any content updated. Make sure that the content you add to your site is designed to be friendly to search engines as well as unique to your site. Use important keywords wisely and take steps to ensure that your readers and Google alike find value in your site. Make your pages light and quick loading. Make the pages on your site small and keep them on target. Keep the page size small whenever you have the opportunity to do so. If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress then see to it that there aren’t any unnecessary widgets on your blog that may hamper things. In addition to leading to an increase in crawl rate this will also make your site much more user friendly for visitors. Make sure that any designers you hire are completely on the same page with you about load times and page sizes.

Your title is the one tool that you have to get the attention of readers and Google bots alike – it is in your best interest to keep it on topic and make it attention grabbing. This is an important element of search engine optimization that is not only required to increase the crawl rate of your site, but also to rank it well for your targeted keywords.

It seems like a lot of effort on some subjects to come up with titles that are unique but failure to do so can have serious consequences. So ensure that you’re focusing on this area too.

In addition to the steps above, always make adding value to your site a priority. The process of adding value is one that is most likely to get the notice of Google and its merry band of spider bot brothers. Google’s spider bots and visitors alike can appreciate the value of informative content.

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