How to Begin Selling Advertising on Your Blog

It isn’t all that hard to set up your blog to run third party advertisements to bring in some extra cash. You’ll see that it is harder to actually find advertisers. If your reputation and traffic are in good shape, things will be much easier. Even those who are getting close to the lowest possible requirements can be successful if their marketing efforts are consistent. So you need to become knowledgeable about what’s best for your business. Some areas are very tricky and it is in these areas that most of the mistakes and wrong signals are made and sent. That’s why you need to move at a slow pace so that you can learn the things you need to learn before you set out.

Speed and momentum are very important with any business. Any time you have customers, then pay attention to when their ad run is about to expire. It is important that you contact your advertisers prior to the ending of their ads. This may perpetuate their business relationship with you. There are several things to consider with the strategy. Once the ads have run, the client will know about the conversion rate. You might not notice, but you can still help them make more money. This is up to you and will reflect your basic philosophy about business and other things. The best way to keep them coming back for more is to offer them a discount, or perhaps other incentives that you may have. In order to keep your customers, the discount should be substantial so they have no reason not to come back.

It is important to be proactive when you want to sell ad space. Or, you can market your site to those good quality ezines where your ad market frequents. But you should first know exactly who your prospects are and then make sure that they have subscribed to the ezines. This is an older principle that will help you find your target market and make sure that you are in front of them. You can either then run your own ads or compose content for the ezine and have them give you credit for it. It can turn out really well for you if you find a good market and then do the right sort of targeting. Along this same vein, track down related websites that will let you contribute content to them. In order to get this to work, however, the website shouldn’t directly compete with yours and you should make sure that your content is of the highest possible quality.

Unfortunately most sites are not positioned to begin selling advertising space. First you need to have a few things already happening for you. Obviously every potential advertiser is going to want to see your traffic numbers. There is no real definite cut-off for traffic numbers. But here is the truth: the more targeted traffic you have, the more you will be able to charge for your ad space. If you can point to outside sources of people talking about your site, you’ll be able to drive up the prices of your site too. You’ll need to create a page about advertising on your site because you’ll need to sell it just like anything else. Selling advertising on your site or blog won’t be hard because you have the experience of developing a successful site. You already understand how to market your website and that is going to help you market your ad space. Other specifics matter as well, which are not all that difficult to find when you know what to search for online.

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