How Fiverr Helps Internet Marketers

By now most Internet Marketers know about This is a great portal through which people offer services and buy services that can be done in just a few minutes for just a few dollars.

The fact that there are so many different services requested is a great thing for Internet marketers. How much of your day is wasted waiting? Wouldn’t it be great if you had something more productive to do with your time? That’s exactly what you can do with These are a few of the services you may be able to offer.

Offer blogging comment services to other Internet marketers. Marketers who do not want to come across as spammers still want to get the word out about their sites. This lets you help them do just that. The buyer specifies the blog, URL, and name they’d like you to use for the comments and you make the appropriate comments. This works well for you because it only takes a few minutes to leave a relevant and non spammy comment. You may even discover a few blogs that would help you with your marketing too. Just make sure that you don’t have to find the blogs-that takes way more than a few minutes. You can offer to make audio files of you reading a testimonial for someone’s site or product or an article out loud. The internet marketing world really likes audio files, making them very popular. To take things to a new level, websites often employ audio files as well as sales pages. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to record someone’s written testimonial, especially if you already have your own audio recording equipment. You also open the door to new opportunities because you could get orders that pay more due to bigger and longer audio files. You can offer to help people make more money by turning their ebook into an audio book and their sales letter into an audio file.

Set up a Facebook account or a Twitter account for someone. Many companies have the desire to participate in social media activities. But, they need someone to show them how. You know how to do these things. You realize that these are quick tasks. Do these things for other people, for a price. Why not schedule ten daily? Then provide a few suggestions on ways to make social media work. They will like this type of free info. They might even hire you to handle their social campaigns for them. presents a wide range of methods for you to bring home a little extra money. Try to focus on niches you serve as an Internet marketer for an even greater ROI. Keep in mind that you’re not trying to turn this into a nine-to-five gig.

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