Have You Tested These Marketing Methods?

Building your e-mail list, and improving the response rate, is something you can do with traditional methods, or alternative methods that many people use right now. In this case we are talking about leveraging services that are free as well as low cost. More than likely, you are aware of some of them.

People are starting to say that email marketing is on the fall but, as with lots of other things, it isn’t really possible to verify whether or not what people are saying is true. But one thing is true and that is the continued climb of social media’s popularity.

Also, there is mobile marketing, a form of marketing that is really starting to take off and get popular. What this should prove is that things are always changing and you need to work to keep up with it. This is why it’s important to pay attention to and focus on the technological developments that make your marketing funnel as powerful as it can be. Words make sales; this is the one constant you can always count on for marketing and advertising.

You should start working, for example, on how to use video more often within your sites. You can do this in a variety of ways and for different purposes. At this moment in time, it seems that marketers are letting themselves get stuck in the idea of using videos for promotions. Finding videos that are primarily or entirely content based is a rarity.

These are videos that are starting to replace written content. Right now people seem to display a solid preference for one form of content over the other. So you can get ahead of the pack simply by offering your prospects both, it’s your choice as to whether or not you want to do the extra work. You should at least test it out in a few places within your site. Obviously you are going to need to monitor the results of these pages and see what reaction people have to them.

Pay Per Click (or PPC) advertising is still just about the best way to get fast and accurate results from your marketing efforts. But what you have to do is make sure you are complying with what Google and others want. Instead of just making a squeeze page, create a thin site where you include our opt in box below the fold of the landing page. Another technique you can try is testing by sending people to a landing page that has no opt-in box on it. The opt-in box needs to be put on other pages though. When you have a thin site you can send people to a bigger site that has been made specifically for PPC advertising.

You can find a few excellent teachers who are heavily into mobile marketing, and they have been hitting it pretty hard for about a year now. So you know that there is more information out there about this subject. Marketing forums aren’t really the best places to seek out this information because the topic isn’t talked about there much yet but it’s okay to try to find out what you can.

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